The Last Airbender

Rating: Zero Stars

The release of “The Last Airbender” is one of the worst happenings in the entertainment industry since, I don’t know, “The Happening.” M. Night Shyamalan has decided to make a summer movie to prove on a bigger scale that he is, after all, a terrible filmmaker. If he continues with his career, I’m afraid that even Michael Bay would start making fun of him.

Okay. So the world is composed of four main tribes that could manipulate, or “bend”, the world’s four main elements: Air, water, fire, and earth. These tribes are kept in harmony with each other with the existence of the Avatar; the one who can master all four elements and has access to the Spirits. One day, the Avatar disappears, and the Firebenders want to dominate the world. All of the preceding information is narrated in the opening minutes over a black screen with some words. After that, the plot begins, and I very quickly missed the black screen with some words.

“The Last Airbender” is a dismal display of all things one can find awful at the movies. Its uninspired storytelling will disappoint most fans of the animated series while it will confuse and anger those who are unfamiliar with it, such as myself. The characters here have the onscreen presence of an extra. Our heroes, Aang, Katara, and Sokka, release faces empty of emotions. They say their lines without a trace of conviction. The agents of these actors might wanna start searching for new clients.

But maybe much of the fault isn’t of the actors. The script is written by Mr. Shyamalan, and the more I heard of it, the more I became sad. The conversations are formal and bland and perfunctory. I swear, you will find much more exciting dialogue in the nearest barbershop.

I must say that I gave up on the plot and its characters before I even reached midpoint. And with that, I cannot help myself with some obersvations. During the film’s first third, I noticed that the Firebenders traveled on sea. Wouldn’t that be unwise, since they are up against the Waterbenders? I guess not, since the Firebenders has control over most of the world. But a flaw that obvious cannot be left that way, and it will be eventually used in a way only a movie as dumb as this one would bother even doing.

Of course, there is a battle near the end. In preparation, one of the Waterbenders advises his people to get rid of all fire sources, since the Firebenders can only manipulate fire, not create them. When the assholes arrive, the place is illuminated with torches and lamps, but no worries. So the bastards are winning, and the last Airbender/Avatar decides to contact the heavens for some wisdom. How can the now Waterbending Airbender beat the sea-traveling Firebenders? M. Night Shyamalan, you and your TWISTS. Ha.

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The Last Airbender