Contagion (Quick Review)

Contagion PosterRating: ★★★½☆

It’s a nervous feeling, you know, to wonder what kinds of dirty little monsters crawl all over my keyboard when I’m in peaceful sleep. The scariest killers are always those whom we cannot see. “Contagion” is a frightful film because it preys on the universal fear of germs and the diseases they carry with them. It treats its topic with a level of maturity that we can apply in our own surroundings. During the screening I attended, I became more and more cautious of the coughing guy seated in the row behind me.

The epidemic crisis in “Contagion” finds a realistic tone by lining itself with other historical events. If we look back at the time where a major outbreak like The Black Plague took its toll, we’ll learn that we don’t always get the cure or vaccine as soon as we need them. Some diseases are still without a cure until today. (What would things be like if the common cold was fatal?) The movie gives a convincing depiction of how the present world would handle a similar crisis.

An element that elevates “Contagion” from other “outbreak movies” is that it fully realizes the weight of its threat. As a result, we are spared with the false need of a tangible villain in the form of organizations with nothing but money in mind. Though there is a character by Jude Law who theorizes such things, his accusations only exist to be proven wrong. Every health official in the movie does their job, and they do it well. To watch this movie is to grow a renewed sense of cleanliness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wipe my keyboard.


  1. Nice review. Soderbergh’s Contagion offers little new about fear and horror but his behind-the-camera ability to be fresh — along with help from an all-star cast — elevates his thriller from boredom, if only just slightly. Check out my review when you get a chance!

    • I read your review. I agree that the story was not engaging, which was probably caused by the numerous characters. But, I think Soderbergh intended this film to be more of a public service announcement, and on that scale, I believe he succeeded.

      You have a great site. I like the one-liners at the start of your reviews. Keep it up!

  2. I actually loved it. Finally a medical film which actually made me want to wash my hands after. :)) I swear I was scared out of my wits while watching it during the block screening because people around me kept coughing and coughing. WHAT IS STRESS? :))

    Awesome review as always, Auti.

    • :)) Looks like we had the same theatrical experience! Watching this will probably make us assume the worst every time someone coughs at close range, which isn’t exactly much of a bad thing.

      Glad you liked the movie, Deb!

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Contagion (Quick Review)