Life as We Know It

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Okay. Let’s give this a try. Holly and Eric are given the responsibility to raise small baby Sophie after their best friends perish in a horrible car crash. Problem is, they can’t stand each other. Thing is, this is a bad romantic comedy, which means their unwanted roles will only be a disguised blessing where they will find true love… in one another. See where I’m going yet?

This premise will sooner or later take us to a scene where small baby Sophie has unloaded on her diaper. Holly and Eric must change it for the greater good. But, they haven’t done this before, so they are required to make faces that show their disapproval for, you know, poop. And of course, poop will somehow find its way on places where it’s not supposed to be.

Oh. In one of the movie’s earlier scenes, some marijuana is confiscated. In bad romantic comedies, no marijuana remains unused. Later on, it’s in the hands of Holly and Eric, and they use the sweet and innocent art of baking to consume it. Soon enough, the two of them are, I guess, having fun.

And yeah. There’s this guy named Sam. He is a gentle and attractive doctor. Holly likes Sam, but don’t worry. We know the two of them can’t end up together because Sam has not a bad quality in sight. He even has perfect hair. This isn’t a good thing if you’re in a bad romantic comedy because, as Roger Ebert has already pointed it out, “No modern movie hero can have his hair combed.”

Another one. Holly and Eric encounter some problems, which causes Eric to fly to Phoenix. While Eric is at the airport, waiting for the flight, Holly realizes that they’re… meant to be. So, and yes you’ve guessed it, she races to the airport to express her feelings, hoping that Eric is still there. The sight of an airport in times of climax is a sign that one is watching a romantic comedy that’s bad.

Get it now? Good. Your turn. Eric rides a cool motorcycle. We learn in an early scene that he values it. This can only mean one thing. Later on, the motorcycle appears again. This time, Eric attempts to teach Holly how to ride it, which means that the motorcycle will be?

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Life as We Know It