Tangled Poster

[rating: 5] Walt Disney Animation Studios has regained its touch and reclaimed its glory. After a decade of churning out animated flicks that only served as a shadow to the works of Dreamworks, they have finally created something that deserves a … [Continue reading]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes 2 Poster

[rating: 1.5] It was in 1887 when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first began to author Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective that would later be regarded as a treasure by the literary scholars of then and now. A hundred and twenty-two years pass by, and … [Continue reading]

Final Destination 5

Final Destination 5 Poster

[rating: 1.5] It’s fascinating to notice that the “Final Destination” movies don’t really contain a bloodthirsty villain. They all start out with a teenager’s premonition of an ill-timed freak accident that’ll potentially kill dozens of innocent … [Continue reading]

The Best and Worst Movies of 2009

Russell and Mr. Fredricksen

While everybody else is busy constructing their list of the Best and Worst Movies of 2011, I’m right here organizing my year-end list for, believe it or not, 2009. I’m aware that us Filipinos are notoriously known for being late, but this is just … [Continue reading]

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible 4 Poster

[rating: 4.5] I cut to the chase when I say that “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” is the best action movie of 2011. Not much of a statement, you might think, since trash like “Battle: Los Angeles” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” were … [Continue reading]

The Lion King (3D)

The Lion King Poster

[rating: 5] With the immediate exception of the prodigious “Toy Story”, my repeated viewings of “The Lion King” were one of the great highlights of my childhood. I preserved my VHS copy with fervent dedication, which I viewed at least a dozen … [Continue reading]

50/50 (Quick Review)

50/50 Poster

[rating: 4.5] “50/50” is an optimistic movie that breathes out hope, a movie whose frail heart is comforted by its funny bone. It achieves the emotional balance that an inferior movie like “The Bucket List” failed to find. It tells the story of … [Continue reading]

Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy Poster

[rating: 5] Under the pouring rain, a troubled man is abruptly kidnapped after his drunken outburst at a police station. He wakes up in a secured room that resembles the look of a cheap apartment, where he would spend every single second of his … [Continue reading]

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

The Human Centipede II Poster

Rating: Zero Stars Tom Six must have had his head stuck up his ass when he came up with the idea for “The Human Centipede”.  Here is an individual who considers his films as, and I quote, “works of art”. If he is correct, and we have indeed … [Continue reading]

The Adventures of Tintin (3D)

The Adventures of Tintin Poster

[rating: 4.5] Very few movies in recent years have launched a journey more vast and monumental than the one in “The Adventures of Tintin”. It makes its way through Europe, Morocco, and long stretches of sea and sand. It investigates a lost … [Continue reading]