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Any film that features Helen Mirren operating a mounted machine gun in a pretty white dress deserves at least three stars. And a movie that miserably fails in maximizing the fun it could get from its solid cast should not earn anything above the rating of four.

Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malcovich, and Helen Mirren are outstanding actors. All of them are above the age of fifty, which is obviously not the common age for a lead role in action flick these days. That is why I admire Bruce Willis very much. At age fifty-five, he can still star in big-budgeted, stunt-filled action movies without suffering straight-to-DVD or plastic surgery.

In the past few years, most of the images I see in the posters of this genre are “young” men who either look like a supermodel or a wrestler. Or Dwayne Johnson. Or Jason Statham. But anyway, the entire punchline of RED is that we get to see old-er people fire the guns and detonate the explosives.

The lack of reality, physics, and common sense either means that the makers screwed up the plot, or they knew that it didn’t matter in its form of entertainment. I’d go for the latter theory because of its classic use of Russian power. One would normally wonder how Bruce Willis got into CIA headquarters so easily, but when one finds out that a Russian helped him, you do not ask questions.

It is evident that the filmmakers and the actors here are having a blast. We see a lot of silly stuff, but we know that it is done in the spirit of fun, and it is fun. But as I have mentioned in the opening of this review, we don’t get to see enough. I feel that the script was not worthy of a cast with this caliber. What held the writers back from giving these actors much more to work with? Were they actually worried about the plot? But they already got that covered. They have Russians.

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