Rubber (Quick Review)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Rising from the dirt of the desert, we see Robert. He, or it, is a tire. We are not quite sure where Robert is headed and what he wants as he strolls through desolate and barren lands. Our view of Robert as an innocent and lost tire completely changes when he bumps into a bunny, which he blows up. (A bunny!) How does Robert do it? Through his supernatural telekinetic powers. Of course. I’m pretty sure Robert is the most evil and violent tire in the history of the movies.

When watched as it is, “Rubber” is basically a horror comedy about a killer tire on the loose. Look closer, and it’s an 82-minute wink to Hollywood and its appalling habit of repeatedly abusing the worn-out outlines and formulas that make up most of the movies today. I think writer and director Quentin Dupieux is on to something here. 2011 will showcase 27 sequels. One of them will mark the return of Alvin and those darn chipmunks, which I hope would one day bump into evil and violent Robert.


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Rubber (Quick Review)