Snatch PosterRating: ★★★★½

So there’s this stolen 86-carat diamond stone that has recently gone missing. And you can bet that there are quite a number of people who will risk their life and threaten lives in order to acquire this precious stone once news gets out. Except perhaps for one weird gypsy who just wants a brand new caravan for his mama, but that’s a whole other story.

In fact, there are a lot of whole other stories in Snatch. They may not be clear to you at first, and they may not still be clear to you by the end, but who cares? This is a film that is very fun. It is without a boring minute, and it contains dialogue that gives a worthy salute to, dare I say it, “Pulp Fiction”.

Okay, now the stone’s on the loose and people are wearing their ski masks, loading their guns, and hiring their bounty hunters to get it.  Complications arise, adjustments required, deals are made, deals are broken, pigs are starved, pigs are fed, and Vinnie Jones delivers a hilariously unsettling scene where he compares a trio of amateur criminals to male genitalia.

Like I’ve said, this is very fun, and its director, Guy Ritchie, knows how to maximize it. In a span of about a minute, we are introduced to the main characters to this film. I lost count at eleven. After that, things get going, and they get going really fast. These characters are divided by different points of views, and every issue, stake, solution, and their inevitable clash are all squeezed in a running time of just over 100 minutes.

People who didn’t like “Snatch” seem to have a mutual agreement that GuyBrad Pitt as Mickey Ritchie might have overdone his swift style of movie-making. They make a valid point. The fast pacing of the plot makes the movie hard to follow and the great amount of characters just makes things even harder. Plus, a lot of logic was sacrificed in order to arrive at certain situations. I am not a fan of these errors, but today they are tolerated.

For all I care, one can sacrifice all the logic they want as long as they come up with some mighty entertainment. And in Snatch, you won’t just get entertainment; you’ll get to hear Brad Pitt vocalize an accent I won’t even attempt to describe. I’m just gonna say that it’s an accent where one wishes for them subtitles.

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