Teeth (Quick Review)

Teeth PosterRating: ★★★☆☆

Teeth” is a movie about a set of teeth that is not located inside a mouth. It is also a movie where an exploitive gynecologist finds four of his severed fingers on the floor after they are brutally bitten off of his hand. And if you know what a gynecologist does, then you may have already discovered that the preceding occurrence is the work of a vagina with teeth.  This will be identified as shocking for most of its viewers, but even more so for the stubborn men who try to take advantage of a pretty, slightly-mutated girl named Dawn.

Multiple castrations are performed to strip men of their masculinity, but we must understand that this particular crime is passive in context. Do we ever see Dawn’s genitals creep through the night and mutilate men while they’re alone in peace? No. We realize that Dawn’s “additional teeth” only attacks when it is first attacked, that it only causes violence when it is first violated.

“Teeth” is a movie that’s bloody from the waist down. It targets men with impure and selfish motives against women. Those with methods more vicious than others are suggested to abstain not in respect, but in fear. In a scene where a man cries in pain in exchange for his perversity, the least he could hope for, with thoughts of reconstructive surgery in the future, is that Dawn’s additional teeth is only there to bite, and not swallow.

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Teeth (Quick Review)