The Ward (Quick Review)

The Ward PosterRating: ★☆☆☆☆

Kristen is an attractive young woman, and if this damn ghost would stop bothering her, she could pretty much land a career in modeling. But no, she also has to be confined in a ward for the mentally unstable. This is very unfortunate. Things are already going bad for poor Kirsten, but the worst part is that she has to share the movie with supporting characters suffering from “No Personality Disorder”.

Poor Kristen meets some of the other patients. Employees in the ward disappear for no reason so the group could run around and investigate. The ghost makes an appearance every now and then. Sometimes, it kidnaps one of the patients and murders them. Other times, it literally does nothing except to show us its ugly face. Do you really want to know what happens next?

“The Ward” is the first film for John Carpenter in ten years. His choice to direct this bad film may be an indication that his standards have lowered. How disappointing. His lead actress isn’t helping his reputation either. The 25-year-old Amber Heard has a filmography that has established herself as an actress who looks pretty in a bikini. Did she agree to star in this film to broaden her scope? If yes, then she has succeeded. Now we know that she also looks pretty in a straight jacket.

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The Ward (Quick Review)