The Way Back (Quick Review)

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Siberia. Mongolia. India. What these places have in common in “The Way Back” is the footsteps of a small group of people who have a matchless desire to go home. The latest film by Peter Weir, director of “The Truman Show”, follows the extensive and exhausting journey of convicts who are imprisoned not just by guards and fences, but by lands that have been conquered by communism.

Escaping the Siberian gulag was the easy part; a 4,000-mile walk awaits them. During this journey, our eyes are treated with some magnificent imagery. The snowy mountains and scorching deserts are exhibited through great cinematography by Russell Boyd. It’s weird how these paintings of nature are also what could drive our “Walkers” to death. “The Way Back” causes mixed emotions in its irony that the things that could bring so much pleasure to our eyes are the same things that torment the film’s heroes.

At one point, with bodies thinner and teeth more rotten than the week before, the convicts run into a beautiful Polish girl. She is played by the beautiful Saoirse Ronan, a rising Irish actress who has yet to answer any of my occasional tweets. Like the brave men from the gulag, I persevere.

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The Way Back (Quick Review)