Winter’s Bone

Rating: ★★★★½

We are introduced to a family in the Ozark Mountains, a place disadvantaged of basic resources. The eldest child, 17-year-old Ree, is forced to take care of her incapacitated mother and her two younger siblings. Immediately, we see a woman conscious of the responsibility she has to take and the maturity she has to develop.

Jessup, her father, has skipped bail and if he doesn’t show up for court at a specific day, they will lose their home. Think about Ree. Think about the role she has to play in her family at an early age. Think about the punishment she and her family might suffer because of a crime that she never committed. Ree must find her father.

Along her journey, she meets people, and asks them for their help. They live in the same area and share the same resources. This is what “Winter’s Bone” is about. Through Ree, we observe the different kinds of people who live in the same underprivileged region, and how they respond in the sight of a neighbor in need.

As she knocks from one door to another, we learn that all who live in that society has one thing in common: They are survivors, getting through life one day at a time in their own ways, may it be socially acceptable or not. Some deal drugs. Others raise livestock. All, as much as they can, stay out of each other’s businesses with the knowledge that they have the mutual goal of staying alive. If what they do gives them satisfaction, then that’s a good consolation.

Winter’s Bone is calm in its tone but loud in its emotions. It is very compelling. You care for these people. You care for Ree and her family. You may not like those who mistreat her, but you will understand them. You will understand that these people have few in their possession, and have little to hold on to. And that is what Winter’s Bone wants us to feel. It wants us to empathize.

Many of my relatives live on the mountains, and at times I visit them. There are the occasional houses and the common trees. Like Ree and her family, they don’t have much, but if there’s enough to see a bright tomorrow, they’re happy. I think that’s a good way to look at things.


  1. Love your reviews man. Really good job. WE seem to have similar interest. The only critique I could give, not that ur asking, is the might also like section. I don’t know how much Winter’s Bone relates to the Backup plan persee. But other than that love ur site and great work. Keep em coming. I’m letting my friends know bout ur site let urs know about mine. ANy tips u have for my site also are greatly welcomed.

    • Thanks for the compliment, John. It means a lot cause I’m just starting out and all. I’ll be sure to link your site with my FB and Twitter. Not sure how the “You might also like” thing works so it might take a while before I can get that fixed. And a tip that I can give you for your site is that I think your reviews would look better if it’s in paragraph form. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

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Winter’s Bone